Silke Hauschild of Sylter Salatfrische at the boat christening (Episode 02)

Crossing the Atlantic in a rowing boat? That sounds crazy! And like a huge risk … like hard training … like mental and physical boundaries. It sounds like waves that are meters high and wheather of any kind. A feeling of homesickness and Wanderlust at the same time. Like desire, a lot of discipline and recognition.

It sounds like a fantastic and unique adventure!

For Thomas Hauschild, managing director and owner of “Zum Dorfkrug” and inventor of the original “Sylter Salatfrische”, it sounded like a lot of courage! And ambition! When he met the four girls by chance a few months ago and heard about their plan, he was immediately fascinated…not least because his story as an entrepreneur is marked by courage and passion. He was also familiar with risk-taking and “stormy seas” when it came to bring the “Sylter Salatfrische” onto the German market and establish it in the dairy shelves nationwide. So he didn’t have to think long about making a decision straight from the heart: “Zum Dorfkrug” will support and accompany the team RowHHome and the Challenge of their life’s .The eight meter long, sea ocean rowing boat was christened and named “DORIS” – after a Greek sea goddess, by his wife Silke Hausschild in Hamburg. And: It looks great! No wonder, because the logo of Sylter Salatfrische decorates the bow on both sides ;-).

We are proud to accompany the team RowHHome and the filmcrew of Wellenbrecherinnen and wish them best of luck and tailwind!

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