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Define a target,
make a plan
and overcome all obstacles.
Four women show us the way.

The Challenge


The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – short TWAC – is known as „the world’s toughest row“.
3,000 miles in a rowing boat across the Northern Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua. Up to 10 meters high waves, scorching heat and unpredictable winds make it a great adventure and a torture for the contestants. What awaits the four women at the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge
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Countdown to the start


The Team

Meike and Cätschi are best friends, who are willing to take any adventure. For Steffi it’s time to take a risk. Who is Jenny? And what role is Steffis daughter Timna playing? For more information about the “Wellenbrecherinnen” click Cast & Crew …

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Chapter 1

Four women, one goal.
But before the start on La Gomera
Meike, Cätschi, Steffi und Jenny
have to master many challenges

Woman overboard


Meike, Cätschi, Steffi and Jenny complete her first course. At “Sea Rescue & Survival at Sea” they have to prove how “tough” they really are. And after that they travel to England. Click “CC” in the video player for English subtitles.

Good Message

Charlie Pitcher, boat builder

Charlie Pitcher knows the ocean rowing scene like the back of his hand. He thinks it’s really exciting that more and more women become a part of ocean rowing.

Pretty Hats

At the sports store

Meike, Cätschi and Steffi are trying out the right hats for their Atlantic crossing. Click “CC” in the video player for English subtitles.

Chapter 2

The boat has arrived safely in Hamburg,
but the team is already facing
the next challenge.

Baptism of Fire


Many friends, supporter, family and even the television came to the boat christening. But the announcement of the name is not the biggest surprise..
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Different Path


Jenny left the team. She decided to take a different path – without RowHHome.
Here she tells you about her feelings toward her decision and her plans for the future. Click “CC” in the video player for English subtitles.

The New Girl


That was fast. Just a few days after Jenny told the team about her unexpected decision, RowHHome already found a fill-in. Steffis daughter Timna took the free spot in the team.

Chapter 3

If you want to fulfill your dream
you need a clear vision
of what you want to achieve.
Check how much you really want it.

Dream Start


Die TWAC is known as the world’s toughest row. Meike, Cätschi and Steffi witness the start on La Gomera and take a closer look at what they have to expect for December 2019. And it get’s emotinal.
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Safety Briefing

Ian Couch, TWAC Safety Officer

The TWAC is very professionally organized and has two Safety Officers who are responsible for ensuring that the race is as safe as possible. This includes the briefing of future participants.

Chapter 4

The four girls are faced
with a great physical challenge,
but first they have to
clear their heads.

Body & Soul


The vision is clear, the goal is set, but the actual mission is just beginning. A common plan is necessary! At the top of the list: Rowing, rowing, rowing … . Are the girls already in shape? Click “CC” in the video player for English subtitles.

The Critic

Christian has his own opinion about the project

He was a world class rower, but still coach Christian would never try an Atlantic crossing. What are his doubts?
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Chapter 5

No pain no gain!
From week to week the
challenges are getting bigger.
But relationships should not fall apart
because of too much training.

Best Friends


The Ergo Marathon is done, but the next challenge for the “Wellenbrecherinnen” is already waiting. For Meike and Cätschi, the Atlantic crossing is a new milestone in their extraordinary friendship.
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Done !

The girls mood after 200km

2 x 200 km on an ergometer is an incredible tough distance. At 3 a.m. the girls finally finished their biggest challenge so far. Thoughts?

Chapter 6

The English Channel.
Against the wind.
Against the current.
It's the first time for the girls
out on the North Sea.

Wake-up Call


The plan sounds easy: Crossing the English Channel from Burnham (England) to Scheveninngen (Netherlands). 130 nautical miles and 36 hours out on the sea. But it runs differently than expected from the very beginning.
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Safety on board

Safety first!

Welcome aboard of the R45 “Doris”. Please follow the safety instructions in the video if you fall overboard during the Atlantic crossing.

Chapter 7

The bigger the challenge
the greater the risk of failure.
Only those who are able to
transform setbacks into positive energy,
will reach their goals.

Status Quo


Great experience: The first trip on the English Channel was anything but smooth. Back in Hamburg the girls have to face another kind of challenge. Who takes on which role? Click “CC” in the video player for English subtitles.

Soul Food

The girls are hungry for more

After a tough night on the North Sea and a merciless fight against wind and current the Wellenbrecherinnen return to Burnham. Charlie Pitcher gets a cheat meal for the girls to regain their power.

Chapter 8

A decision has consequences.
Not just for yourself,
also your family and friends
have to live with the results.

Family Affairs


In Steffi’s and Timna’s „Rowing Family“ is a lot in motion. Not only because the two women want to row across the Atlantic together, but also because their husbands have to share the consequences of this decision. Please, click “CC” in the player for Englisch subtitles.

Safe Word


What does a Wellenbrecherin do when she gets annoyed on board and wants to have her peace?

Chapter 9

Even the longest way
starts with a small step.
The closer the destination gets,
the faster the time runs.

Big Steps


The Wellenbrecherinnen are making big steps. Timna does. Meike too. And Ian Couch, the safety officer of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, takes a look at the girls’ equipment.



The girls are getting in shape, but how about “Doris” and the equipment?

Chapter 10

"I have never
tried that before,
so I think I should
definitely be able to do that"
Astrid Lindgreen - "Pippi Longstocking"

Farewell Tour


Goodbye Doris! During the last training session on the Alster, Doris is accompanied by a large boat convoy. An emotional day that is rounded off with a very special highlight. In addition, sports psychologist Anett plays a round of beach volleyball with the girls.

Next Level


Stephan Riemekasten is a member of the national team and one of the best German rowers. What does the former U23 world champion think of the girls?

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King Karl


Karl Schulze won gold medals in the quadruple sculls at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and in Rio in 2016. Would the 100-kilo powerhouse also try an Atlantic crossing in a rowing boat?

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Chapter 11

Be the change
that you wish to see
in the world.
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Get ready


After the big farewell on the Alster packing is next. First the women have to sort their food for 50 days and then boat “Doris” is loaded.

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