The Movie

Four women from Hamburg want to prove as the first German team, that every woman is able to reach outstanding goals.
The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is known as the world’s toughest and most spectacular rowing race. Four women only have a space of eight square meters, for 40 to 60 days and 3,000 miles across the ocean. A grueling sleep-awake-rhythm consisting of two hours rowing and two hours sleep. Physical strength and endurance are not enough, crucial is the mental power needed to stick it out. There are many unpredictable obstacles on the ocean. Apart from hurricanes, the team could bump into a whale or swimming containers and injuries could force them to give up. But the real challenge every women has to fight with herself.

What does the “Wellenbrecherinnen” keep pushing forward? Why are the women freely taking this unbelievable strains?

Following the web series we will bring “Wellenbrecherinnen” to the movie theaters in summer 2020 and tell you a thrilling and emotionally charged story – including the stunning adventures on the Atlantic.

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