The “Deutsche Ruderverband (DRV)” is the biggest and one of the world’s most successful Rowing Federations. The DRV was founded in 1883 in Cologne and is the oldest Federation of the German sports, which was founded solely for reasons of sporting activity and sporting organization. Rowing is one of the most successful sports in national ranking. Rowing is firmly established in the Olympic competition program and has been one of the essential sports sports since 1896. However, the Olypic regatta in Athen fell victim to the weather conditions at that time, which is why only 1900 rowers were allowed to register on the winner’s lists.

Mass sports is the cornerstone of the German Rowing Federation (DRV). Currently there are more men than woman rowing. The majority of our members don’t row at performance level, but for fun, closeness to nature and due to the health aspect. Because rowing is a sport that trains endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and at the same time keeps the muscles busy. We have launched a number of project especially aimed at women and are happy about “RowHHoome” and the “Wellenbrecherinnen”, who pay directly into this account.

With the Women’s Rowing Challenge this year, we have carried out a very successful format, for the second time in a row, that has attracted more than 2,000 women to the Cencept2 ergometer. Also the RowHHome crew for a dry training. We are really happy that Meike Ramuschkat, Catharina Streit as well as Steffi und Timna Kluge came together to do this great adventure and thus serve as inspiration for rowing in Germany and especially for women’s rowing. In addition to RowHHome, the film project “Wellenbrecherinnen” is also responsible for making the challenge and sport more visible to the public. It will be emotional.

Jens Hundertmark, Secretary General of the DRV, is thrilled by the brave project of the RowHHome-Crew from the beginning. “3,000 miles across the ocean in a rowing boat – my deep respect for that. I’m a rower myself, but I never thought about crossing the ocean. I look forward to experience the project first hand.”