Timna Kluge (25) is the youngest and newest team member.

She studied medical technique and is, like her mother Steffi, a passionate rower. She is young, athletic and loves to laugh which ensures a good team chemistry. This will be an important factor during the tough times at sea.
Timna replaced Jenny, who left the team for personal reasons.
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Björn Schulze-Gülich / Organizer Alster Ergo-Cup

The Ergo Marathon is an exciting endurance test in which the contestants start with an individual time delay.
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Baptism of Fire

In episode 2 a rift develops in the team.

Many friends, supporter, family and even the television came to the boat christening. But the announcement of the name is not the biggest surprise..
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Body & Soul

Episode 4, meet the coaches Anett and Christian

The vision is clear, the goal is set, but the actual mission is just beginning. A common plan is necessary! At the top of the list: Rowing, rowing, rowing … . Are the girls already in shape?
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Ready to row

Preparations for the first big journey

Wind, rain and dark night - the first 24-hour journey is on. All equipment including some "specials" must be stowed on board.


Status Quo

Episode 7 shows a big setback for the team.

Great experience: The first trip on the English Channel was anything but smooth. Back in Hamburg the girls have to face another kind of challenge. Who takes on which role?


Soul Food

The girls are hungry for more

After a tough night on the North Sea and a merciless fight against wind and current the Wellenbrecherinnen return to Burnham. Charlie Pitcher gets a cheat meal for the girls to regain their power.


Family Affairs

Episode 8: Steffi, Timna and their guys

In Steffi's and Timna's „Rowing Family“ is a lot in motion. Not only because the two women want to row across the Atlantic together, but also because their husbands have to share the consequences of this decision. Please, click “CC” in the player for Englisch subtitles.

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