Jenny works as an accountant and strives for changes. She is from Hamburg originally, comes from a family of rowers and rows her whole life. Her father is well-known in the rowing community and her twin brother is a former professional rower.
Jenny heard from the Atlantic Challenge through Meike and Cätschi and maybe that is what she needed as a new impulse for her life after experiencing private setbacks. The idea of sitting on her desk for another 30 years doesn’t motivate her at all. The lack of sleep on board is her main concern. As a morning grouch she’s also not really into the rhythm of two hours sleep/ two hours rowing.
Attention! A surprising development will appear in episode 2.
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The Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – short TWAC – is known as „the world's toughest row“.
3,000 miles in a rowing boat across the Northern Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua. Up to 10 meters high waves, scorching heat and unpredictable winds make it a great adventure and a torture for the contestants. What awaits the four women at the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge ...
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Countdown to the start

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Woman overboard

Meike, Cätschi, Steffi and Jenny complete her first course. At "Sea Rescue & Survival at Sea" they have to prove how "tough" they really are. And after that they travel to England. Click "CC" in the video player for English subtitles.


Baptism of Fire

Many friends, supporter, family and even the television came to the boat christening. But the announcement of the name is not the biggest surprise..
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Different Path

Jenny left the team. She decided to take a different path – without RowHHome.
Here she tells you about her feelings toward her decision and her plans for the future. Click "CC" in the video player for English subtitles.

Milestones of Jenny